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The Republican (Synopsis)

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The Republican Synopsis

Easter 1916 and the fuse is lit on the powder-keg of Irish Republicanism.  The Irish Volunteers and the Citizen army have taken the General Post Office and declared war on British rule.

James Joyce was just nineteen when he put a gun to his employer’s head and seized his building.  He wasn’t there to rob the place, he was there to pick a fight with the barracks across the road.  His mission was to hold the bridge at Portobello and deny soldiers access to the city centre from the south.

You guessed we are not talking about James Joyce the famous author, we are talking about another man.

James Joyce the Republican.

After a gun fight against overwhelming odds James is captured and held at the hands of a crazed officer.  Will this madman end his rebellious life after such a short life?

He is saved by the arrival of a senior officer and moved to the  relative safety of police custody.  There he sits out a few days remembering his life, his mentors and his first steps into the Irish conflict.

After being moved around from place to place he finds himself reunited with some of his comrades, and suffers violence at the hands of bored and frustrated soldiers.  It finally dawns on him that the people of Ireland have rejected his bid to free them from British rule.  He questions everything he fought for and risked.

Eventually he is put on to a prison boat with his associates and they watch Ireland slip away into the mist through the bars.  They face an uncertain future, but at least they are together.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

August 1, 2010 at 9:18 am

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