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Loose Women – L A Style!

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Queen Bee and the Hive 2

Coming soon to your digital radio or via the internet is  Devyn’s Playground, a new show dedicated to her lifelong love on Indie music.

In Britain a girls only chat show consists of Jane McDonald and Coleen Nolan waffling on about HRT and stretch marks.  In L.A. the conversation can get a little more….. lively.  Whether it is talking about the effects of male semen on a ladies facial complexion, oral sex during that time of the month or bizarre sex fantasies involving Spongebob Squarepants.

So who are these rather eye-catching ladies?

Devyn Ashley herself is a riot of blonde hair , bosoms and balls-out attitude.  Her quick wit and sharp tongue have caused more casualties than a Bush security action memo.  Men have fallen headlong into her cleavage and have never been seen again.  Physically she is quite amazon-like, but still hugely feminine with a disarming manner.  Recently she appeared in a popular music video starring Asher Roth and Keri Hilson.

Her recurring guest star is Somaya Reece is an up and coming R&B music producer, this girl worked her way up out of deepest L.A. Her story is an article in itself.  Respect her.

Mieko A.K.A Cherry is a reality TV star, she featured in Flavour of Love on VH1.  She likes to serenade passing strangers in her neighbourhood.

Ms Toy and Lady Hustler make up the last of the five, together they make quite an impression whether it is in the club or in the street.

Queen Bee and the Hive

So I had some questions to put to this lady ringleader:

You girls go way back, and I mean waaaayyy back,  What is your first memory of each other?

I met Ms. Toy when we worked together at a call center.  She was the top sales diva and I had to get to know her sales secrets.  So we started the friendship at work but soon after that we started going out on the town.  I would invite Lady Hustla,  Ms. Toy would bring her sister Cherry and we would have a fantastic time!

Who’s idea was it to get your friends around a microphone and talk smut?

We took a road trip to Vegas and got caught in the worst traffic jam ever, so a ride that was supposed to only last 4 hours, took almost 14 hours, but we laughed the entire trip.  By the time we finally hit the Vegas strip we had already had the time of our lives.  We had a video camera on during that trip and the footage was so crazy funny, I thought, this is how women really are, might as well share it!

Have any of your shows been censored?

The shows don’t get censored, but there are times that we do get strong warnings about content.  I don’t mind pushing people’s buttons, but I also don’t want to loose my job, so we try and abide by the rules!

Tell me the juice on the Asher Roth video?

That was one of my favorite days on set.  They treated me like a princess!  Everyone was so sweet, so really no dirt!

You are all a very curvy, healthy size in a city of size zero women.  Does the world need more plus sized role models for young women?

I’m sure the young girls out there need someone who can act as a role model, but that someone isn’t me.  I’m trying to get through this life the best way I know how and struggle just like everyone else.  I couldn’t imagine even considering myself a role model.

And what is this lady doing next?  She is running the LA Marathon of course!  More on this story as it develops.


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January 6, 2010 at 1:31 am

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